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IT Data Centre transition and recommissioning

Non-disruptive “lift and shift” transition in 1 day

100+ resources transitioned in 25 days

60-rack Lab Data Center moved

IT data center is the most important resource for an organization as it provides the infrastructure for all its activities and migration of a data center is a herculean task. IT Data Centre transition and recommissioning needs to be delicately handled as it extends to all areas of commissioning, rebuilding or repurposing old equipment.

Business Challenge

  • The client is a leading provider of secure access and mobile security solutions created out of a network engineering company.
  • They acquired a division of a company in India and needed help transitioning the employees and data centers into the new setup.
  • This carve-out of the division would be a new independent offshore operation for the newly formed network product company which needed a new office and a setup.
  • The carve-out also had to “stand up” all tools, lab and call routing infrastructure to ensure that their global clients and operations experience zero disruption.

Aeries Solution

With all the experience that Aeries had with carve-outs, it worked with the client to help them with the set up of their new office and migration of its data centers. Aeries was able to play a crucial role in the setup of their operations in Bangalore, India.

  • Aeries identified a new office space and readied the facility for the transition of data infrastructure as well as employees.
  • With a task of completing a complex transitioning of 100+ resources of the Engineering team within 25 days, with zero attrition, Aeries maintained continuity through a data connection pipe as a backbone extension to connect to the previous company.
  • Aeries helped move a 60-rack Lab Data Center out of the network engineering company into the new office without disrupting the Engineering operations or the product roadmap.
  • During the short outage interval, Aeries provided the customer with contingency measures for call routing.
  • In a single day, the data center in the new office was prepared in terms of network design, cooling, ISP, and power, and the data center’s racks were moved, re-racked, re-plugged, and powered on, all in 24 hours.

Business Impact

Aeries provided a quick and non-disruptive “lift and shift” transition of Bangalore R&D lab. It led to the transition of the entire team without business interruption and delay, and moved the data center equipment without any work disruptions. The complete transition of the Data Center was completed in one weekend.

Aeries as a part of the core team had the following responsibilities:

  1. selection and provisioning of SFDC for CRM, and Geneses for call routing
  2. responsible for mentoring, hiring & building all global support teams
  3. worked closely with the Engineering team including code level troubleshooting
  4. call reporting and analysis was supported by Aeries team.


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