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Our specialized capabilities with cutting-edge technologies enable global organizations achieve business objectives at an accelerated pace. Aeries offers both consultancy services and implementation capabilities for these technologies.

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Overview of Aeries Offerings

Transaction Processing

Transaction Processing

Transaction processing in finance and accounting refers to the systematic recording, processing, and reporting of financial transactions within an organization. It involves the capture, classification, and analysis of various financial activities to maintain accurate and up-to-date financial records.

Procure to pay Order to Cash Record to Report Banking & Treasury Operations Fixed Assets accounting Order Management Accounts Receivable Accounts Payable General Ledger Services

Advanced Accounting

Advanced Accounting

It involves handling specialized accounting topics and transactions that require a deeper understanding of accounting standards and regulations. Advanced accounting is typically performed by experienced accountants, financial analysts, or specialized accounting teams within an organization.

GAAP Accounting Adoption of new pronouncements Purchase accounting Payroll co-ordination Capitalization of internally generated assets

Reporting & Complaince

Reporting & Complaince

Reporting and compliance are the processes and activities involved in preparing and presenting financial reports in accordance with applicable accounting standards and regulatory requirements. It involves ensuring that financial information is accurate, reliable, and transparent, and that it complies with regulations, and industry-specific guidelines.

FP&A – Standard and Ad-hoc Investors deck Debts Converants Statutory audit support Taxation – Direct and Indirect PCI/SOC Compliance Legal support

Strategic Support

Strategic Support

It involves providing guidance, analysis, and advice to clients in order to support their strategic decision-making processes and drive their overall financial success.

Annual business planning and forecasting Business process re-engineering Hedging and investment Risk Management Due diligence support Centralization Loan/revolver credit

Tech-enabled Services

Tech-enabled Services

The application of technology and digital solutions to enhance and streamline F&A processes, operations, and services. These technologies automate manual tasks, improve data accuracy, enable real-time reporting.

ERP implementation support Data migration System integration and workflow design support Robotic Process Automation Artificial Intelligence Blockchain

Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

Aeries’ purpose-built GRC framework will align the client’s IT solutions with business goals, manages risks, and meets government and industry regulations. Our custom GRC solutions also take into consideration the existing infrastructure to provide a unified view of governance and risk which helps senior management make informed decisions.

Application Security Services

Applications are vulnerable to security breaches as they are connected to the cloud and various networks. By introducing best practices in secure coding and DevSecOps, Aeries’ Application Security solutions enhance the security of your applications by regularly monitoring, finding, and fixing threats.

Data Security & Privacy

Safeguard your data from external threats while ensuring privacy compliance with Aeries’ Data Security and Privacy services. Our solutions will help you stay proactive in the face of data security threats, enabling you to protect your customer information and effectively meet data integrity standards.

Why Aeries?

Systems and Tools experience

Market Leading ERPs: Our F&A teams have experience in all standard ERPs – SAP, ORACLE, MS Dynamics, NetSuite, Workday, Peoplesoft and other market leading ERPs.

Market Leading Tools: Blackline, Hyperion, Concur, Power BI, Ariba, Billing Platform, Winman, Tableau, Kofax, Avid Exchange, Omniscan, ReadSoft, Jira, Salesforce, etc.

Highly Qualified Team

Aeries has a strong team of highly qualified and experienced employees with global certifications like CPA (Certified Public Accountants) (US), IFRS (UK), CA (India), MBA, certifications in Business Intelligence and Analytics (Big Data) etc.

Aeries has experience in transitioning finance activities from Americas, EMEA, APAC and Latin America.

Certifications and Compliances

We also own security compliance such as PCI (Payment Card Information), and SOC2 along with various global GAAP/US/US GAAP/IFRS experiences to ensure complete client satisfaction through our account outsourcing services.

Flexible Team Structure

By having a flexible structure in the team, we guarantee higher productivity, cost savings, and increased flexibility in addressing customer needs.

Executive Level Supervision

We ensure that our resources are aligned with your organization’s structure and offer valuable business insights in your financial planning and analysis that enable your senior leadership to streamline overall finance operations and increase the bottom line.

Well defined Contingency plans

Aeries’s Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan (DR / BCP) are key parts of its standard offering. Aeries performs a detailed assessment by comparing its DR and BC plan with each client and ensures that it provisions the necessary requirements of client’s plan.

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