Aeries Technology


Digital Transformation

Transformation solutions to
accelerate your business strategy​

The Aeries Transformation team provides you the extra horsepower required for potential revenue expansion, cost savings and productivity improvements through business process re-engineering, consulting, and advanced technology solutions.

Data Science & Analytics

We leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to implement end-to-end Deep Learning solutions.

These solutions transform your data into actionable insights that generate higher revenue, improve operations, and provide insights into your customer’s behaviours.

Emerging Technologies

Aeries specializes in the use-case applications of upcoming technologies in a variety of industries.  

They have applied blockchain to tokenize transactions in the BFSI space and smart contracts in the legal domain, helped develop logistics solutions using IoT and mobility solutions, and currently working developing PoCs for a client on the applications using AR

Process Automation

RPA solutions from Aeries drive your enterprise automation by designing and optimizing your processes – enabling  a smarter workforce.

Our team of certified RPA certified consultants have implemented Cognitive RPA solutions across multiple industries such as Finance, Sales, HR & Payroll, Customer Care, and IT Operations.

Business Systems & Applications

The oldest of our core competencies, we help companies effectively use technology to enhance their functional operations. 

Whether its decisions on buy versus build or advice on the right systems and applications, we provide requirements gathering and implementation support, regardless of whether you buy off-the-shelf, or prefer a custom-developing application.  Essentially a one-stop-shop for all your business systems and applications needs.

Consulting Services

Aeries’ consulting services are designed to help you get honest and practical recommendations , to transform your business and de-risk expansion.

We provide financial and operational due diligence, including M&A advisory services to PE firms and their portfolio companies, to make acquisitions and mergers safer, smoother and more efficient.

We advise companies by developing growth strategies for market and revenue expansion – and execute these through our expertise in cost-effective delivery.

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