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Our specialized capabilities with cutting-edge technologies enable global organizations achieve business objectives at an accelerated pace. Aeries offers both consultancy services and implementation capabilities for these technologies.

In today’s dynamic market where customer expectations are ever evolving, achieving unparalleled customer experience (CX) excellence is not just a goal, but a necessity. Aeries’ Service Delivery solutions can elevate every facet of customer interactions by surpassing expectations, fostering lasting satisfaction, unwavering brand loyalty, and enhanced profitability. 

As we understand the needs of mid-sized and portfolio companies are unique, our suite of services is meticulously tailored to resonate with your specific challenges and aspirations. Our commitment to continuous improvement drives us to continually seek ways to optimize and refine your customer experience journey, keeping it at the forefront of excellence.

Optimizing Operations with Our IT Service Delivery Solutions

Customer (CX) Transformation

Customer (CX) Transformation

Our CX Transformation offering is geared towards businesses aiming for disruptive changes in how they interact with and serve their customers. Recognizing the intricate web of touchpoints and human intelligence that shape a customer's journey, we harness the power of technology, data, strategic insights, and design thinking to create unique transformative experiences. 

Customer Experience (CX) Model Design 

Customer Experience (CX) Model Design 

With our comprehensive suite of tools, strategies & consultations, our experts will consult with you to define, design & deliver an optimized customer experience across various touchpoints. We’re involved at every step of discovery & assessment, customer persona development, journey mapping, touchpoint optimization, design workshops, training & change management to deliver a superior, consistent & memorable customer experience.  

Customer Interaction Management

Customer Interaction Management

Aeries streamlines customer interactions with an integrated and multichannel support, including AI-driven assistance for round-the-clock availability. Our solutions capture customer feedback and evaluate service effectiveness through advanced analytics, all while ensuring quality with thorough representative training and robust escalation management.

Why Choose Aeries

Purpose Built

Every client is unique, and so should their CX approach. We specialize in bespoke Customer Experience (CX) Model Design, ensuring tailored customer interaction management that reflect each entity’s brand, marketing position, and growth trajectory. 

Agile CX

In a dynamic market environment, our Customer Experience transformation  strategies emphasize flexibility, ensuring all client businesses promptly adjust to shifting consumer demands, market variables, and competitive forces.  

Expertise Beyond Outsourcing

Our years of experience allow us to deeply understand an organization’s unique needs, forging a strategic partnership that goes beyond mere task execution. We align our expertise with the client’s vision and enhance their  business goals through informed, collaborative action.   

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