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Global E-Commerce Company’s Journey to Shift Left Operations for Success

Shift Left Operations, a transformative paradigm gaining momentum within IT infrastructure, marks a strategic departure from traditional approaches. By advocating for the relocation of essential tasks and decision-making to the early stages of infrastructure development and management, organizations are witnessing a profound revolution in operational efficiency, issue mitigation, and resource utilization. The client, a leading

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Strengthening Efficiency and Optimizing Operations through ERP Implementation

Embracing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system offers an array of invaluable advantages for any organization. By seamlessly integrating and centralizing diverse business functions, an ERP system empowers companies to streamline processes, enhance productivity, and make data-driven decisions. It also fosters collaboration across departments, promoting a cohesive and agile work environment. The client, a leader

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Predicting and Preventing churn

More and more organizations are shifting their businesses online as the pandemic accelerates the push for digital. With growing demand for domain registration and web hosting services, the competition has been intensifying, leading to a high degree of customer churn in the industry. But why do customers churn? What are the factors that make them

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Daily Wire & Checks Process Automation

800 manhours per year saved Increased efficiency Focus on more complex tasks Automation reduces time, effort and cost, whilst reducing manual errors, giving the business more time to focus on primary objectives. The efficient use of time gives companies the option to increase output without expanding the workforce, or to cut payroll costs and maintain

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Distributed Ledger enabled Digital Token based lending using Smart Contracts

Blockchain-based lending platform Safe, secure & transparent transactions Shared distributed infrastructure Distributed ledger technology can make the finance sector more resilient, efficient, and reliable. The technology can be used to process transactions without third-party involvement and cross-border payments. It allows for storage of all information in a secure and accurate manner using cryptography. Business Challenge

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Acquisition Support for Client A in Healthcare solutions business

Due Diligence completed in 4-6 weeks Led India HR information gathering & focus group sessions Risk analysis with potential mitigation plans A lot of planning and preparation goes into making acquisitions and carve-outs work. Due diligence is an important part of the acquisition process and represents the orderly investigation of any matter pertaining to business

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Account Management Platform

Time spent reduced to a few seconds from 30 mins Improved Renewal funnel 98% found the tool valuable Account management software is an important tool for businesses that manage sales processes across multiple divisions, locations and touch points. They help you keep accounts in order, and run sales processes more smoothly, making it easy to

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IT Data Centre transition and recommissioning

Non-disruptive “lift and shift” transition in 1 day 100+ resources transitioned in 25 days 60-rack Lab Data Center moved IT data center is the most important resource for an organization as it provides the infrastructure for all its activities and migration of a data center is a herculean task. IT Data Centre transition and recommissioning

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